Is our soap Yoni safe?

Hey ladies. I get a lot of questions about is our soap Yoni safe.

As a natural soap maker, I get these questions all the time and I’m here to help. Taking care of your Yoni parts is an important task as that area is a magical place. So let’s be real about how to care for your Yoni.

Should you wash your Yoni?

The question of a lifetime requires the answer to another question. What is a yoni? When we say words like vagina, v area, or yoni, we use them all together. The vagina is actually our canal. The lady parts we’re actual speaking of when we say yoni are the vulva, labia and clitoris. These are the parts you should be washing because they have the same characteristics as the rest of the skin on your body. Water does an ok job, but a natural soap helps, especially if you’re already washing the rest of your body with it. I encourage you to use a full body soap that is sensitive enough not to irritate your yoni parts.

What type of soap should I use for my yoni?

As with all your body cleansing habits, getting it “right” starts with choosing the right soap.

Below is a list of recommendations for different reasons, but they all have one very important common factor, they don’t include harmful ingredient. None of the soaps we make at SheShe CoCo Organics are made with harmful ingredients because they can contain synthetic ingredients that are not safe for normal use on any of your body, especially an area as sensitive as your yoni area.

Yoni safe soaps at SheShe CoCo Organics

* Scentless it’s soft and soothing with no scent

* Turmeric soap which is great for sensitive skin and antibacterial

* Oatmeal, milk & honey which is vegan and an exfoliant thanks to the oatmeal. Oatmeal is also a natural cleanser and our honey is actual agave.

* Lemongrass is deodorizing and antiseptic properties as well as energizing and gentle

* Lavender Tea Tree because tea tree is antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial. It’s great if you're dealing with issues like yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis or any kind of irritation. 

Let’s wrap it up

Soaps with herbs and essential oils and are plant based are safe for the Yoni.